What is hipXray?

hipXray is Java App for analysis of X-rays post total hip arthroplasty build on the ImageJ You can lanch the App here -> Launch the application. Notes:

  • 1. You may need to add https://folk.uib.no/pel061/ to the exception list in the Java control panel -> link
  • 2. If you are use MacOS you will need to locate the launch.jnlp file in the downloads folder and run following this guide -> link
  • 3. Offline? If you have already lanuched the app you can run it offline from the Java Cache Viewer -> link

Why is analysis of X-rays post THA important?

Position, wear and migration of implants can be directly measured from X-rays. This information can be used directly to determine risk factor through case-control studies or in conjuction with retrieval analysis to understand failure modes experienced in clinical practice.

How it works



By placing markers over the X-ray geometric information about the implants and patient anatomy can be calculated. This is used to calculate implant position, wear and migration.


Alex van Tol, Pete Ellison